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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study A quick and automated enrollment system process is the way the school can find an easier and better way to implement an enrollment system. The automation of the said system will be implemented through the use of equipments like computers and printers. Users can use this equipments in order for the work to be done faster and it can lessen the processing time because of fast accessing of grades. The researchers will develop a system that can minimize the processing time in order to access records of the students quickly so that enrollment process will be much faster than usual.

Enrollees will be more comfortable for the system that researchers will develop because of fast and consistent processing of schools enrollment system. Researchers of the system will be aware of the existing problems that enrollees and the school are experiencing in the past few years to develop a system that will provide a solution to their needs for them to be comfortable of what the propose system will provide. Users or the facilitators of the propose enrollment system will also benefited for the reason that they will not do the usual way they do when they are processing the enrollment forms or records of the enrollees.

Instead of doing the usual way or the manual system of processing records of the enrollees they can now use a GUI or graphical user-interface, all they have to do is to press the mouse and enter data of an enrollee from the keyboard to manage the propose enrollment system. The main objective of the enrollment system is that it will provide a better and easier way for the enrollees to transact to their records during enrollment system which is being managed by the facilitators of the enrollment system.

The facilitators will now be more comfortable because their enormous works will be minimizing during enrollment because of fast and easy way of enrollment process. Through this proposed enrollment system, record keeping and security implementation of all records will be easy to manage. The researchers refer their study to the following related titles to make their study about Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School’s Enrollment System to be organized and to implement the system in a fast and easy way of enrollment process.

Automated Enrollment System of Malasiqui Catholic School; March 2005 Automated Enrollment System for Santo Tomas Catholic School; March 2005 Automated Enrollment System of Saint Charles Academy; October 2000 Automated Enrollment System Archdiocesan School of San Fabian; June 2002 Automated Enrollment and Information System for San Alberto Magno; July 2003 Statement of the Problem 1. What are the problems encountered in the existing enrollment system of Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS)? Recovery of records is time-consuming.

The existing enrollment system can’t recover files of the students rapidly because they usually go find the files or records manually that may cause wasting of time. Delayed report generation. The facilitators of the enrollment are using a manual system so they cannot generate a complete report about the enrollment system at the allotted time given to them. Lack of security for files. The files and records of a student are at risk because they are only stored on a storage room and that makes someone who is interested at the students files can get the files because of lack of security for files. . What are the features of the proposed enrollment system? Fast access to the records. The proposed system has the ability to search and access the files quickly and not by doing the usual way of accessing the students files. Simple and express way in generating reports. The proposed system has the ability to generate reports fast and easy. By only clicking a button that corresponds to generate a report of the date you specify. System is only accessed by an administrator. Administrator account will be used to protect files of a student from others who are interested in accessing their files.

Significance of the Study This study will provide a better way for the employees of the school on managing and storing the files of the students and it will lessen the massive works during the enrollment. The following are the beneficiaries and the target users of the proposed system Students. Students will experience a trouble-free way of enrolling themselves because of this proposed system that gives an easy and express transaction of enrollment. Students will also be more relax and more comfortable because they will not be in a falling line for a long time because of the fast and easy enrollment system.

School. The school will have a motivation of what the system does because of fast and easy way of enrollment at their school. Students may not say any problem about the proposed system. Instead of saying bad rating to the school’s enrollment system, students may rate them a high rating and that’s the cause of increase on number of their students. Employees. Employees will experience a hustle-free of managing the files of the students and taking their time easy and not so hard to maintain and manage this new system. Researchers.

This will help in the enhancement of the researcher’s knowledge and skills in software development and to be aware of the needs in the problems of the community. Scope and Limitations The proposed system has the capacity to provide complete records of the student during the school years spent by the student in the school. It will also provide a much easier process on retrieving all the records. The system will also make a security for the files of the students because the system will use an administrator account to access all the files of the students.

It will also enabled on searching and editing the records of the student but it is enabled when you are logged in as an administrator account but there isn’t a guest account, only administrator account is enabled by the system. It will also print a record of a student if requested by a valid student. I have said that it is only applicable to print records of a student because only that student who is requesting that requested record to be printed will get the copy of that certain record. Creating an account is not embedded at the system, when you first run this system you are using a default password nd username and when you are logged in you can change the password you like as many times as you want. Networking of the computers will be configured for the sharing of database that contains records or files and for sharing printers for printing of enrollment forms. In the enrollment form, name, id number, year and the section and schedules are indicated. Definition of Terms The following terms used in this study were operationally defined by the researchers to facilitate clarity of discussions. Administrator – A person who manages a computer. He is also has rights to perform all operations in the computer.

Database – A collection of data arranged for easiness and speed of search and retrieval. Also called data bank. Facilitator – Are the one who manages records and files of enrollees during the enrollment. Also called as the administrator of the enrollment process. Networking – the action of connecting devices so they can communicate with each other. Report Generation – It may refer to specific periods, events, occurrences, or subjects, and may be communicated or presented in oral or written form that will be generated and then send to the database of the system.

Security – Point to which a computer system is protecting data corruption, destruction, interception, loss, or unauthorized access. Software Development – is the development of a software product in a planned and structured process. Chapter 2 Review Of Related Literature The great number of business oriented people tent to avow this fact. ” One of the many of the efficient management tools used in either small or big establishment is a keeping a list of customers or clients of such business. ” This is because the company contains pompous records of customers hich vital to its progress. The buzzword of today’s business environment is on Information Technology. It is unsystematically implemented at a lower level of the organization by persons with technological interest, funds, or political influence (Merlie P. Martin Analysis and Design of business information system New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1991). To uphold the automated enrollment system of St. Charles to develop yet, shall properly store the records of the students file. This process will support the benefit of record keeping.

Probably, they contain inventory information or data gathered in a scientific experiment or a model developed using a CAD system. In the arrival of creation supported by the data collection and validation. Following the contents are changed or updated to cope up with the rapid change of the system requirements and to retrieve the stored information for the purpose of being extracted, the meaningful information. That is, get inquiry and generated reports. The file operation at the last point to maintain or change is to apply and improve its performance by restructuring and reorganization.

According to a book , we have these aspects of data management: 1. Measurement, relevance 2. Collection, research, interview, asking 3. Transcription 4. Validation 5. Organization 6. Storage 7. Aggregation 8. Update 9. Retrieval 10. Protection The proposed software application will enable the company to get rid of those tiresome, boredom, long, and repetitive task. And so, EDP system was designed to replace the manual system of processing data (Manila Bulletin, November 15, 1997). Most of the big companies adopt information system as ne of the key to their success in competing with other business companies. This way, information are readily available, provided that producers hold much opportunity analyze, make decisions and can easily negotiate with clients. Also, customers can relay information even beyond national burdens. We therefore observed that most big companies with their own information system have become successful. In an issue, “Truth is the first casually of cyberwar” by George Smith publishing in one magazine. Wall Street Journal updated on the 8th of September, year 1998, one conclusion was that the concern is growing in many quarters the society’s reliance on computers has made it extremely vulnerable to attack via keyboard. Journalist James Adams has written a new book. “The Next World War,” which claims the information warfare will be the battleground of the future. Hystad points up computers are unable to make assumptions. Computer hardware and software must explicitly directed to perform correct interpretations of the data to be processed.

There is almost no aspect of our lives that is untouched by computers. Activities performed by any type of computers are recorded as software applications that perform forward planning, scheduling, sell-buy and expiry dates, school and medical records, detail transactions, reservation systems transportation and communications. In addition, almost all food processing, manufacturing, power generation and transmission, water and waste treatment and all the conveniences of modern life are conducted by computerized animation. It is not fresh anymore to hear the schools witch to computer-based enrollment system.

It is commonly occurs that institutions begins operating manually. Since the manual method shows difficulties and hurdles, the said institutions proceed with its system automated. 1 PAM Hystad,” A Draft Document “([email protected] Computer procom/http://www. computer pro. com/=phystad/csy2k. html. ) The Students Record System maintains the official records for the students who are register at UCLA. SRS contain comprehensive information on the academic career of every UCLA student and student and maintains definitive records of all courses offered at UCLA.

This includes class scheduling, course information, registration, enrollment, grade information, record maintenance, touch telephone record inquiry, transcripts, graduation/degree progress, summer session processing and the UCLA Identification System (UIDS). The Student Record System provides 10 years of data online for current and former students. The Students Information available includes demographic data, grades, addresses, holds and registration data. The system also provides departments, staff and faculty with comprehensive information on courses, requisites and class scheduling.

The Enrolment System is used to enroll students in courses in which they are eligible and to provide detailed information on the student enrollment. “To create an Information Student, is to combine hardware, software people, procedures and data. An electronic based Information Student provides managers department with data processing capabilities and managers with the information they develop a better and informed decisions. ” Larry Long, Introduction to Computers and Information Processing (Philippine: St. Martin Publications, 1993)pp. 282-283. Computerized information system not only increased significantly the ability organization to collect, store, process, and disseminate information but also decreased significantly the cost and the time required to carry out such function. ” The New Grolier Multimedia encyclopedia, Release6, Computer and Privacy, 1993 Grolier, Inc. , Online Computer System Inc. , The Software Toolworks Inc. , Creative Technology under license from The Software Toolworks, Inc. “The applications of computer technology are one way in which existing staff can be made more productive while the chronic flow of paperwork is reduced.

In the information age, computers applications become more than just valuable; they are essential for handling vast quantities of data and keeping costs down to manage levels. ” One study is conducted in the early 1990’s. That is more like this, a company shall upgrade their system and adopt what is in demand at present. The researcher sites a real situation like so. For example, the high level executives at Amalgamated Plywood watched helplessly as their larger competitions began installing computerized accounting system. These machines are obviously a distinct advantage in an industry with waferthin profit margins,” observed George Nathanson, the President of Amalgamated Plywood. “I only wish our experts could capitalize on this technology”. Computer control and security processing have virtually become forever entrained with every facet of company. As a result, the company in general wishes to take advantage of this new dynamic field to become comfortable with the concepts and language of computers also with the control securities.

Computers have been recognized as a valuable tool in institution for over the years and it has proven to be incredibly effective processors of data. Today, timely information can be made available and readily accessible to those who need it. As suede, all programmers are careful to avoid routines that might cause their program to “lock up”. This is one of the most frustrating problems that a computer user may encounter. Most applications are written so that if a user incorrectly enters data, This type of “defensive” programming requires a particular care and is one of the most time consuming parts of software development.

Paul Henry Basset, Computerized Accounts, (Third Edition, NCC Blackwell Limited, Oxford England, 1993), p. 211 Solomon D. Lacma, An accounting System for a Medium-sized Logging and Sawmill Business (Unpublished Master’s Thesis, FEU, 1973) Research Paradigm INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Feedback Figure 1 Research Paradigm To provide the system output, the developers utilized the concept of Input-Process-Output, which is shown in the research paradigm. The developer identified the student information that is being managed by the registrar office and guidance office.

They also gathered the functional requirements to identify the system specification. These were the inputs in the development of the project. The developer will use the Waterfall Approach as a software life cycle model in developing the Enrolment System of Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS). .Figure 1shows the paradigm that was used in developing the Enrolment System of Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS) CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY This study uses some methods in gathering ideas and information needed in a particular fulfillment of the study.

The methods used were mostly researches, interview and consultation with experts in the field of this study. After the gathering of the data needed the developer proceeded to the developments of the system. Which the developer aimed to develop, formulate and design accurate Enrollment System for SEPNAS. Research Design The waterfall approach emphasizes a structured progression between defined phases. Each phase consists of a definite set of activities and deliverables that must be accomplished before the following phase can begin.

The phases are always named differently but the basic idea is that the first phase tries to capture. What the system will do, its system and software requirements, the second phase determines. How it will be designed. The third stage is where the developers start writing the code, the fourth phase is the Testing of the system and the final phase is focused on Implementation tasks such as training and heavy documentation. However, in engineering practice, the term waterfall is used as a generic name to all sequential software engineering methodology.

Waterfall Model Approach [pic] Requirements Definition The development of software systems is a complex process, usually involving many people with a variety of special skills. And eventually, before such processes, the needs of a certain system must be first designed and studied. In an Automated Enrollment System, then following are the several functions to be performed: Encoding of Enrolment form which serve as the student’s record, payment of enrollments fees, arrangement of the subjects, encoding of grades which to show and prove its efficiency.

Design Phase After gathering all the processes from manual and constructing an overview to how the system will look like, the researchers have been satisfied with such processes to construct all required designs. As viewed in the main menu which includes Student Profile, Default Entry and Reports, any other sub-menus will be viewed as one has been activated. Implementation Phase Being specific is true enough. Implementations of such specifications involved in modular designs are those exact processes even to the researchers as bases in constructing the design.

With sub-menus like Admission, Registration/Payment, Subject Offered, Subject Enrolled and Student Grades. The user can easily access the specific or exactly transaction the user wants to perform that can help he/she is more productive. Verification Phase During the Verification phase, you ensure that your code meets the security and privacy tenets you established in the previous phases. This is done through security and privacy testing, and a security push—which is a team-wide focus on threat model updates, code review, testing, and thorough documentation review and edit.

A public release privacy review is also completed during the Verification phase. Operations and maintenance The deployment of the system includes changes and enhancements before the decommissioning or sunset of the system. Maintaining the system is an important aspect of SDLC. As key personnel change positions in the organization, new changes will be implemented, which will require system updates. Instrumentation and Data Collection Interview The developer went to UMC Cinderella School to conduct series of interview regarding the existing student information system.

They interviewed the people involved in the process to understand clearly the operation and be able to determine the problems encountered and to gather enough information in order to come up with a solution to the problems that the school is experiencing right now. Research The developer also conducted library and internet research in gathering facts and information that helped them find solution to the problems based on the past studies and principle of writers, articles, journals etc. These studies also helped them in determining whether the study they are conducting is feasible or not. Library

The researchers have used books and other relevant research papers that will be useful and will gave ideas and supplementary for the researchers to develop the Enrollment System for SEPNAS. Internet The researchers have used the internet and browse from here the relevant references which will be supplementary for the development of Enrollment System for SEPNAS. Database Instance The term instance is typically used to describe a complete database environment, including the RDBMS software, table structure, stored procedures and other functionality. It is most commonly used when administrators describe multiple instances of the same database. http://databases. about. com/od/administration/g/instance. htm) The developers has been used the database instance to represent the complete database environment. Database Schema A database schema is described in a formal language supported by the database management system (DBMS). In a relational database, the schema defines the tables, the fields in each table, and the relationships between fields and tables. Schemas are generally stored in a data dictionary. Although a schema is defined in text database language, the term is often used to refer to a graphical depiction of the database structure. http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_a_database_schema) The developers has been used the database schema to represent the collection of meta-data that describes the relations in the database. ———————– -Gathering User Requirements -Designing and Documenting -Development and testing (iteration) -Deployment -Maintenance ? Problem in managing Enrollment System ? Functional requirements ? Design structures and specifications Enrolment System of Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS)


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