French Vocab random french vocab ;-;

Term Definition
un jumeau, une jumeuse a twin
epeler to spell
barbant(e) boring
bavard(e) talkative
bavarder to chat
celibataire unmarried
desordonne untidy
embeter to annoy
en avoir marre to be fed up
epais(se) thick
s'inquieter to worry
luxeux, luxeuse luxurious
mecontent(e) unhappy
se mettre en colere to get angry
pale pale
paresseux, paresseuse lazy
plaire to please
raide stiff, straight, steep
ravi(e) delighted
sage good, well-behaved, wise
sale dirty
la sottise stupidity
typique typical
la verite the truth
vif, vive lively, bright
s'allonger to lie down
allumer to switch on, to light
s'asseoir to sit down
avoir tort to be wrong
cuire to cook
cuire au four to bake
debarrasser to clear away
se detendre to relax
se lever to get up, to stand up
mettre la table to set the table
obeir to obey
se passer to happen
se peigner to comb one's hair
peser to weigh
le plancher the floor
poser to put, to place
ranger to tidy up
se reveiller to wake up
la sonnette the bell (the doorbell)
tondre to shear, to mow
la pelouse the lawn
vider to empty
un anneau a ring
collant(e) sticky
une echarpe a scarf
un foulard a headscarf

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