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Jethro and MosesLaws about establishing kings Exodus 18- Jethro visits MosesStructure: federalism a system where govt is tiered or divided.Type of people: emphasis on character. Capable, God fearing men.trustworthy.Settling disputes.Teach the people.Show them how they are to live.
Old Testemant and Civil GovtQualifications of a king And mosesScripture and explain Dueteronomy 17:14Qualifications tied to character1.know law write a copy of pentateuch2.isreallite- not a foreigner3.cannot collect wealth,wives,horses4.people were to chose him and hold him responsibleExodus 18
Lex rexRex lex Law is king vs. king is lawSamuel RutherfordPresbyterian minister1644The Law and the Prince – defends rule of law
Roles(action) of govt in OT.Scripture – Psalm 82How long will you defend the un justAnd show partiality to the wickedDefend weak fatherlessUphold poor oppressedRescue weak needyDeliver them from hand of wicked.
Psalm 82 – roles of government from OT How long will you defend the unjust. Defend. Uphold. Rescue. Deliver.
Exodus 18 Dueteronomy 17Civil Govt in the old testament Jethro gives Moses adviceQualifications of a king
Deuteronomy 17:14 Qualifications of a king
Ideology Way of lifeReflected in a peoplesPolitical systemEconomicsSocial goalsMoral values
Politics The authoritativeResolution of conflictThrough the allocationOf values and resources
Government Set of Roles and officesEstablished in a societyTo make authoritative decisions
Conservative6 things 1. Opposed to government regulation of economy2. Opposed heavy govt spending3.opposes civil rights legislation4. Government hinders free market system5. They favor state over federal6. Maintain status quo
Scott monsma critique of liberals 19741.liberals underestimate probs2. Liberals confuse charity with justice3.the men in office are just men
Scott monsma critique of conservatives 19741. Small groups take over and they can't solve common problems2.people are self-serving (not innately good)3.people of power discriminate against weak4.no standard of justice or when gov is needed or not5. Freedom and creativity are thwarted
Modern liberalism bib support Jubilee Lev. 25Gleaning laws deut 24Third year tithe for poor duet 14Psalm 82:1-4 Defend Uphold Rescue Deliver
First 3 Biblical Bases of Politics 1.creation. Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created the heavens and Earth. Is there a God and what is he like? Yes. He creates.2.humans are made in the image of God,Genesis 1:26and 1:27.3.the image was fatally marred by sin. Genesis3.Romans 1 and 2.
First 2 ways God responds 1. Sends Christ as a mediator to pay penalty, credit us the righteousness to be reconciled to in Christ's Kingship.2.he provides scripture to point us to Christ so we can't say we didn't know ex. Romans 1 (wrath of God on sinful humanity)
Romans 1Romans 2 God's wrath on a sinful humanityGod righteous judgement/the Jews and the law
Packard (knowing God) says being made in the image of God means: 1. Made rational (make moral decision and bear responsibilities)2. Made to sub create (not ex nihilo bit the plants in Genesis 1 vs. plants in Genesis 2)3. Humans are called to be stewards (Genesis 1 and 2)(psalm 8)4.created righteous- ability to do wh
Psalm 8 David praises God. Consider the work of God. What is mankind that you are mindful of them?Set him a little lower than angels. Crowned them with gliry and honor. Made the rulers over the works of your hands.
Reichleys 7 Value systems – source of value in a society Monism – totally spiritualPersonalism- individual. Transcendant but don't need other christians.Egoism- secular. individual.drivez and appetites. Not absolute can change.Idealism – found in group. Absolute.transcendental.apply everywhere.Authoritarian
Reichleys 4 models of how religion and politics relate. Separationist – strict separation and small role in public policy formation. Conservative Protestants.Social activist – strict separation and large role. Roman Catholic.Accommodationist – mod. mod. Billy Graham.Interventionist- moderate separation. Lar
What cause change of mainline Protestants from intervention to separation 1. Immigration of Eastern and southern Europe on the late 19th century brought Catholic and Orthodox. Switch from yes rel in public safety to no…cause we don't agree2.501(c)(3) funds for lobbying or political you lose your tax exemption. Maybe churches
DawsonYearBook Idea 1950The sig of Western developmentThe dark ages highly influenced Ren and ref.Christianity influenced west1. Change2. Missions3. Education4. Moral values and faith provided freedom and encouraged development
BermanYearBookIdeA 85The rel. Foundations of Western lawSecular and spiritual integration is foundation Prob is the disintegratuon. Without the normative foundation of Christianity we are just left with legal formulas.
Wallis 84. Will meet Civil religion -rely on govt to define our religion. Society makes values.
6 tenants of classic liberalism 1. Individualism2. Personal property3. Contracts and rules of laws4. Freedom and liberty5. Equality6. Democratic
4 Tenants of classic conservatism. 1. Group bot Individual2. No right to property3. Kings word is final4. Soverign has control
2 conservatives and economist and theroy Smith Spencer laffer supply side economics
2 libs economist and theory Greene Galbraith Keynes demand side economics
SmithYear BookIdea Adam Smith 1776Wealth of NationsInvisible ?
Invisible handWho and what Adam Smith wealth of Nations – without intervention there's an invisible handHumans greedyNatural specializationNo wasteSelfish ends up benefiting society
What does Smith think govt should and should not do Should protect us and enforce contractsShould not provide goods and services Enforce trade and barter? It messes up optimal balance, govt takes goods and uses or wastes them
Spencer Year Book Idea Herbert Spencer Late 1800"Study of Sociology" "social statics"Adapt or die
What does spencer think happens when gov is involved Lose the motivation and desire drive whatever to work. Gov should defend and endorce contracts.
Numbers 27 Family passes property onto nearest relative
Duet 17 The rype of king after you take possession
No work no eat 2 thess 3:10
Gleaning laws Duet 24 and ruth
Parable of the workers in the vineyard Matthew 20
Samuel warns people of king Samuel 8:10-18
Bib support mod. Cons. Each family gets prop number 27Gleaning laws and ruth deut 24Warnings about king Sam 8 10-18Genesis work to feed self 3:19 sweat of brow2 these 3:10Private property Matt 20
GreeneYearBookIdea Liberals legislation and freedom of contract1881 – like Spencer (soc.)Freedom – a positive power to enjoy things worth enjoying in common with others
Galbraith 1968Politics of Affluence1958 The Affluent Societycountervail powerSmith can't work with modernism (invisible. Hand)Gov is cvp gov: labor and Ed fosters cvp: union law competition or prevention of merger
Galbrairgs 2 reason Smith's invisible won't work DepressionLarge conc of power
Demand side economics LiberalKeynsianInflation? Reduce demandUnemployment/recession? Increase demand
Stimulate demand? BuyingIncentive to buySubsidize producerGive everyone tax breaks
Tools government uses to influence economy Fiscal policy (tax and cost)Monetary policy-reservevrates-federal fund interest rates-quantitive easing
Fiscal policy Tax and cost
Monetary policy Qefed fund interest ratesReserve rates at banks
Qe Buying risky bondsMakes up money to do itPutting new money in economyPayed 1 billion for 2.1 trillionDecrease value of dollar increase Nat debt
Increase interest rates During inflation People won't spendReduced demand
Decrease interest rates When there's unemploymentIncrease demandPeople spendStimulate economy
John Maynard keynes In the long run we are all dead
3 major taxing philosophy Flat(state local and sst)Regressive more $ pays lower percent (so and sales)Progressive more $ pays higher percentage(fed income)
Effective tax rate Actual effective tax rate paid
Marginal Last dollar Marge rate bracket
Why do libs like progressive structure5 reasons Have more pay moreBigger stake pay more to maintainTransfer from Rich to poorLibs like when prgm have a bug impact and tax cuts in a progressive tax structure really affect the RichTax breaks to influence behaviorRaised taxes for inf. Automatic.
Why do conservatives think about demand side economy.3 Programs mess it upMarriage tax penalty of progressive taxStagflation proves it's bogusCaused probs in 70s
3 things happen in 70 OPEC triples gasBaby BoomerWomen's rights
Laffer curve based on? No of people willing to work. (Tax rev vs. tax Tate's)
Conservatives say high tax rates are.. A disincentive to work
2 ex of the disincentives conservatives talk aboytother than disincentive to work Farmers incentive loanNew building new business regulation disincentive
3 areas the govt regulates Stuff too cheapWhere to put itEveryone uses it bad things happen
3 fund is drive philosophy Is good what he likeWhat are humans likeAre there ethical absolutes
Hobbes view 1600 3 points HumansSimilar wants and desiresState of nature = not inherently goodTranscendant ethics dneCreate society. Cause we are rational and realize we can't agree on ethics.
JubileeThird year tithe for the poor Leviticus 25Dueteronomy 14:28
Things we can't agree on in govt What the goals areHow to ethically accomplish the goalsIn what priority
Daniel and what king King darius
Furnace story King nebechanezzer shadrack meshack abindigo
ReichleyWtote what when Religious issue 1985
Smith thinks what causes what Div of labor and free exchange of goods and services causes best variety of goods best allocation of resourcesBetter product. More efficient. Lower prices.
Spencer thinks what causes what Interfering with natural selection harms the species
Ruth and naomis husbands Elimilek and kilionMy God is KingLeft Judah for Moan during rule of Judges
Naboths vineyardGovt satisfy own desires 1kings 21King Ahab using his powers to satisfy his own desires. Naboth valued covenantal law and died for it as did his some.
Compare freedom of Smith(1771)and greene(1881) Greene freedom to enjoy things in common with othersSmith freedom from govt influence
Third and fourth way God responds Holy Spirit. Regenerate. Enable beluef. Begin renewal and Provides series of institution bring order in the face of resulting from and to do that which…(Romans2 gods righteous judgement)
Support for conservatives- 7 of them Property (num 27) gleaning (duet 24) warning (1 Sam 8:10) private property parable (Matt 20) no work no eat (1 these 3:10) sweat of brow (gen 3:19) naboths vineyard (1 kings 21)
Support for liberals -4 Jubilee (Lev 25) gleaning (deut 24) 3rd year tithe (duet 14) durd (psalm 82:1-4)
Old testament about civil govt- 3 of them Character of king (duet 17:14)Jethro and Moses (exidus 18)Psalm (82:1-4) durd

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