Spanish Class

Question Answer
siempre always
aspiradora vacuum
estufa stove
el lavadora washing machine
hacer la cama Make the bed
tender la ropa hang the clothes
sacar la basura take the trash
doblar la ropa fold the clothes
una vez la semana once a week
una vez el mes once a month
microondas microwave
perder to lose
tenertengo. tenemostienes. teneistiene. tienen to have
amarillo yellow
preferir to prefer
venir to come
querer to want
ver to watch
deber should, must
neccesitar need to, must.
buena onda what's up?
almorzar to have lunch
volver to return
encontrar to find
mostrar to show
poderstem change o to ue to be able to
dormirstem change o to ue sleep
servirChange stem from e to i to serve
pedirstem change e to i to ask for
el lavaplatos dishwasher
berrer el piso sweep the floor
diez 10
veinte 20
treinta 30
cuarenta 40
cincuenta 50
sesenta 60
setenta 70
ochenta 80
noventa 90
cien 100
primavera spring
el ontono fall
pensar think

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