Spanish Vocab 12/10

Term Definition
Comprar To buy
Entrar To go in, go into
Eschuchar To listen (to)
Gustar To Please
Hablar To speak,talk
Llegar to arrive, happen
Trabajar To Work
Empezar(ie) To begin
Jugar(ue) To Play
Beber To Drink
Comer To Eat
Pedir(i) To ask (for), order
Andar (irreg) To Walk, Go
Estar (irreg) To be
Hacer (irreg) To do,make
Ir (irreg) To go
Poner (irreg) To put, put on
Salir (irreg) To come out, go out
Ser (irreg) To Be
Tener (irreg) To have, hold
Venir (irreg) To Come
Ver (irreg) To See
Bajar To come/go down
Buscar To look for
Esperar To Hope
Interesarse en/por To be interested in
Lavarse To get washed
Levantarse To get up
Llevar To wear, carry
Mirar To look at
Odiar To Hate
Pagar To pay (for)
Quedar (se) To Stay
Terminar To Finish
Visitar To visit (place)

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