TPACK Describing the TPACK Model

TPACK Examples: Terms Involved Explanation
Content Subject area: the WHAT
Examples of subject area's involving content Math, reading, writing, social studies, art, music, and history
Pedagogical knowledge Teaching tools: HOW
Examples of presenting content Modeling, graphic organizers, debating, group work
Technology Tools for the students to use for content work
Tools SMART board, laptop, iPad, movies, YouTube
TP knowledge The content is becoming clear and easier accessible through tools and teaching combined
TC knowledge Connects the most important form of technology to each content
Technology-content examples Math: calculator, movie: YouTube, specific homework: laptop/iPad
PC knowledge Pairing the teaching tools to the specific content
Pedagogical-content examples Graphic organizers being used with comparing reading scenarios, group work for writing techniques, modeling subtraction in class
Technological-pedagogical examples Microsoft word: graphs/smartboard: equations

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